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Elder law is a difficult topic for many individuals to think about, but neglecting these topics will not stop them from coming. These difficult questions are made easier if we face them head on and together. Elder law focuses on planning for the future issues that may arise with old age. When these issues start to arise you want to have a firm plan in place and know that there are sufficient funds for whatever the uncertain future holds.


Additionally, you must consider the possibility that one day, you may not have the mental capacity to make medical and financial decisions for yourself. If that day becomes a reality, you can have the peace of mind knowing the person given the decision-making power is someone that will always look after your best interests. 

This authority does not automatically pass on to your children. Without a plan in place the courts will grant the power to whoever they believe is best suited to care for you.


Give me a call and lets prevent this from happening and give you the peace of mind knowing you'll always be taken care of by those closest to you.